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    Simon Marcus de Leeuw, birth 1770 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland, died 17 Aug 1837 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland, occupation: Slager, son of Markus de Leeuw and Eva Simon to:
    Stina Israels Themans\Theijmans, birth 1771 Oldenzaal, Overijssel, Nederland, died 21 MEI 1846 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland, daughter of Israel Themans and N.N.
    1) Eva Simons de Leeuw, birth 1795 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland, died 22 Jun 1877 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland
    Married 17 Feb 1837 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland to:
    Hijman Jacobs Zilverberg, birth 19 Dec 1778 Hoogeveen, Drenthe, Nederland, died 19 MEI 1866 Hoogeveen, Drenthe, Nederland, son of Jacob Abraham Zilverberg and Reina Heimans\Hijmans
    2) Anna Simons de Leeuw, birth Nov 1799 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland
    Married 3 Jun 1841 Harlingen, Friesland, Nederland to:
    Meijer Liepmans de Vries, birth 11 OKT 1792 Harlingen, Friesland, Nederland, died 28 Apr 1871 Harlingen, Friesland, Nederland, occupation: Touwslager, son of Lipman Benjamin de Vries and Henderina Meijers van Bons
    3) Machiel Simons de Leeuw, birth 24 Apr 1802 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland, died 23 Nov 1878 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland, occupation: Vleeshouwer
    Married 19 OKT 1838 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland to:
    Frouwkje or Frouke Heimans van der Kamp, birth 5 Feb 1807 Midwolda, Groningen, Nederland, died 10 MRT 1875 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland, daughter of Heijman Comprecht van de Kamp and Rebekka Hartog Cohen
    4) Izak de Leeuw, birth 18 Sep 1805 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland
    5) Joel Simons de Leeuw, birth 12 Jun 1809 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland, died 30 Dec 1878 Harlingen, Friesland, Nederland, occupation: Slager
    Married 1 OKT 1836 Harlingen, Friesland, Nederland to:
    Breineken Meijer, birth 24 Sep 1802 Wittmund, Hannover, Duitsland, died 17 Feb 1872 Harlingen, Friesland, Nederland, daughter of Benjamin Meyer\Meijer and Sara Arends Neumark
    6) Israel Simon de Leeuw, birth 4 Jan 1813 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland, died 27 Jun 1886 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland
    Married 12 Aug 1842 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland to:
    Jette or Judic Jacob Hoofien, birth 1813 Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland, died 3 MEI 1861 Steenwijk, Overijssel, Nederland, daughter of Jacob David Hoofien and Sipora or Siepers JEZAJAS\JESAIAS\van Praag
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