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    Salomon Noach, birth 28 Sep 1812 Goor, Overijssel, Nederland, died 19 Mar 1894 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland, occupation: Barbier, son of Michiel Simon Noach and Elizabeth or Betje Oppenheimer
    Married 30 Jul 1845 Goor, Overijssel, Nederland to:
    Antje or Mietje Mogendorff, birth 1824 Groenlo, Gelderland, Nederland, died 28 Nov 1917 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland, daughter of Machiel Isaac Mogendorff and Roosje Leendert
    1) Simon Salomon Noach, birth 28 Jun 1846 Goor, Overijssel, Nederland to:
    Mientje Dormits
    2) Machiel Noach, birth 16 Dec 1848 Goor, Overijssel, Nederland, died 31 Oct 1918 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland
    Married 6 Aug 1874 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland to:
    Betje Luteraan, birth 11 Jul 1848 Zwolle, Overijssel, Nederland, died 19 Mar 1930 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland, daughter of Berend Luteraan and Anna Kok
    3) Elizabeth Noach, birth 16 Jan 1851 Goor, Overijssel, Nederland, died 14 May 1931 Meppel, Drenthe, Nederland
    Married 23 Jan 1904 Meppel, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Aaron or Aron van Gelder, birth 16 Feb 1849 Borne, Overijssel, Nederland, died 17 Oct 1935 Zwolle, Overijssel, Nederland, son of Benjamin van Gelder and Sara van Gelder
    4) Abraham Salomons Noach, birth 15 Dec 1852 Goor, Overijssel, Nederland
    Married 4 Oct 1877 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland to:
    Sophia Berg, daughter of Jacob Berg and Dina Alleman
    5) Israel Salomon Noach, birth 25 Feb 1855 Goor, Overijssel, Nederland, died 5 Aug 1917 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland to:
    Esther Mogendorff, birth 1857 Groenlo, Gelderland, Nederland, died 14 Nov 1888 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland, daughter of Jesaja Mogendorff and Gezina Maria Koopmans
    6) Amsel Salomon Noach, birth 8 Jul 1857 Goor, Overijssel, Nederland, died 3 Aug 1915 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland
    Married 28 Feb 1884 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland to:
    Esther Weinberg\Wijnberg, birth 17 Jun 1861 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland, died 17 Apr 1937 Zutphen, Gelderland, Nederland, daughter of Isaac Weinberg\Wijnberg and Jetta Levenstein
    7) Rosetta Noach, birth 4 Aug 1859 Goor, Overijssel, Nederland
    Married 21 Nov 1878 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland to:
    Jozef Beem, birth Geldermalsen, Gelderland, Nederland, son of Simon David Beem and Johanna van Leeuwen
    8) Leentje Noach, birth 9 Feb 1862 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland, died 8 Apr 1944 Auschwitz, Katowice, Polen
    Married 28 Feb 1878 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland to:
    Mozes Samuel, birth 1859 Rijssen, Overijssel, Nederland, died 20 Mar 1897 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland, occupation: Veehandelaar, son of Aron Samuel and Rebekka de Lange
    9) Mozes Salomon Noach, birth 11 Jul 1864 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland
    Married 21 Mar 1889 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland to:
    Mietje Goudsmit, birth 1863 Zutphen, Gelderland, Nederland, died 20 Mar 1890 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland, daughter of Calmer Goudsmit and Henriette or Hendrijette Bos\Bosch
    10) Mina Noach, birth 10 Aug 1867 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland
    Married 25 Jun 1902 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland to:
    Louis Bos, birth 1874 Almelo Ambt, Overijssel, Nederland, son of Joseph Bos and Sophia Goldsmid
    11) Maurits Salomon Noach, birth 23 Mar 1870 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland, died 31 Dec 1871 Deventer, Overijssel, Nederland
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