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    Meijer or Meyer Jacob van Zuiden, birth 15 Jun 1830 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland, died 25 Oct 1906 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland, son of Jacob Marcus van Zuiden and Betje Salomon Leijdesdorff
    Married 12 Jun 1851 Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland to:
    Eva Bloemendal, birth 30 Mar 1830 Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland, died 1 Mar 1902 Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland, daughter of Izaak Mangels Bloemendal and Frouke Levi van der Hak
    1) Frouke or Frouwke van Zuiden, birth 3 Aug 1852 Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland, died 13 Jan 1914 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland
    Married 29 May 1896 Nieuwe Schans, Groningen, Nederland to:
    Heiman Baruch, birth 2 May 1852 Bellingwolde, Groningen, Nederland, occupation: Vleeshouwer, son of Abraham Baruch and Hendel Abrahams Goldsmit
    2) Betje van Zuiden, birth 15 Feb 1854 Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland, died 23 Jun 1889 Assen, Drenthe, Nederland
    Married 11 Apr 1877 Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland to:
    Hartog Cohen, birth 10 May 1847 Oude Pekela, Groningen, Nederland, died 24 Jan 1908 Assen, Drenthe, Nederland, son of Mozes Meijer Cohen and Frouwtje de Leeuw
    3) Mietje van Zuiden, birth 13 May 1857 Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland, died 18 Jul 1934 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland
    Married 18 Aug 1886 Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland to:
    Jacob van de Rijn, birth 21 Jan 1854 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland, died 18 Oct 1891 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland, son of Joseph or Jozeph or Jozep van de Rhijn and Roosje van Zuiden
    4) Jacob van Zuiden, birth 9 Jun 1859 Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland, died 1 Oct 1905 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland
    Married 10 Feb 1889 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland to:
    Betje Simons, birth 9 Oct 1856 Scharmer, Noord-Holland, Nederland, died 19 Feb 1928 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Simon Simons and Mietje Meijers
    5) Izaak van Zuiden, birth 27 Dec 1861 Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland
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