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    Family page
    Parog or Baruch Abraham From, birth Etnerode, Hessen, Duitsland, occupation: Koopman to:
    Billegien Hartogs de Beer, birth 1802 Bourtange, Groningen, Nederland, died 6 Jul 1871 Bourtange, Groningen, Nederland, daughter of Hartog de Beer and Sara Haimans Silversmid
    1) Beer From, birth 30 MRT 1829 Bourtange, Groningen, Nederland
    2) Salomon From, birth 13 Dec 1831 Bourtange, Groningen, Nederland
    3) Hartog FROM or Abraham, birth 26 MRT 1834 Bourtange, Groningen, Nederland
    Married 17 MEI 1865 Vlagtwedde, Groningen, Nederland to:
    Rika Ballin, birth 9 Sep 1838 Weener, Hannover, Duitsland, daughter of Meijer Ballin and Jette Lijon or Lyon Wolff
    4) Sofia From, birth 21 Aug 1836 Bourtange, Groningen, Nederland, died 4 Feb 1883 Bourtange, Groningen, Nederland
    5) Simon From, birth 31 OKT 1839 Bourtange, Vlagtwedde, Groningen, Nederland
    Married 30 MRT 1865 Vlagtwedde, Groningen, Nederland to:
    Roosje Kosman, birth 13 Jul 1846 Vlagtwedde, Groningen, Nederland, died 13 Dec 1904 Vlagtwedde, Groningen, Nederland, daughter of Salomon Kosman and Gole Jacobs de Jonge
    6) Meijer From, birth 27 MRT 1843 Bourtange, Groningen, Nederland
    7) Abraham From, birth 30 Apr 1846 Bourtange, Groningen, Nederland
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