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    Mozes Joosten, birth 19 Jul 1829 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland, son of Izak or Izaak Hessels Joosten and Jantje Mozes Slap
    Married 8 May 1857 Smilde, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Sina Wijnberg, birth 9 Feb 1833 Winschoten, Groningen, Nederland, died 1 May 1908 Zuidlaren, Drenthe, Nederland, daughter of Izaak Philippus Wijnberg and Margie Philippus Frank
    1) Jantje Joosten, birth Smilde, Drenthe, Nederland, died 30 Jul 1938 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland to:
    Abraham Vos, birth 14 Feb 1854 Rolde, Drenthe, Nederland, died 27 Mar 1935 Assen, Drenthe, Nederland, son of Mozes Vos and Jantje Frankforter
    2) Martha Joosten, birth 2 May 1860 Smilde, Drenthe, Nederland, died 11 May 1916 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland
    Married 11 Mar 1883 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland to:
    Levie van Stratum, birth 13 Jan 1860 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland, died 17 Apr 1939 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland, son of Isaac van Stratum and Saartje Smit
    3) Grietje Joosten, birth 6 May 1862 Zuidlaren, Drenthe, Nederland
    Married 11 Jul 1894 Sappemeer, Groningen, Nederland to:
    Salomon Levy, birth 4 Dec 1866 Sappemeer, Groningen, Nederland, died 8 Dec 1896 Sappemeer, Groningen, Nederland, son of Meijer Levie\Levy and Gelle Joosten
    4) Mietje Joosten, birth 13 Jan 1864 Zuidlaren, Drenthe, Nederland, died 4 Jun 1943 Sobibor, Biala Podleska, Polen
    Married 9 Mar 1894 Zuidlaren, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Jacob Samuel Wetschrijver, birth 20 May 1871 Groenlo, Gelderland, Nederland, died 4 Jun 1943 Sobibor, Biala Podleska, Polen, son of Jacob Wetschrijver and Heintje Italiaander
    5) Izak Joosten, birth 1 May 1866 Zuidlaren, Drenthe, Nederland, died 20 Sep 1918 Borger, Drenthe, Nederland
    Married 22 Feb 1899 Sleen, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Eva Mosis, birth 1 Aug 1870 Borger, Drenthe, Nederland, died 8 Mar 1936 Emmen, Drenthe, Nederland, daughter of Simon Mosis and Mietje Joosten
    6) Philip Joosten, birth 23 Jan 1868 Zuidlaren, Drenthe, Nederland, occupation: Slager
    Married 21 May 1896 Hoogezand, Groningen, Nederland to:
    Roosje Mozes, birth 3 Aug 1869 Hoogezand, Groningen, Nederland, died 23 Jul 1943 Sobibor, Biala Podleska, Polen, daughter of Mozes Mozes and Hendel de Beer\Behr
    7) Israel Joosten, birth 11 Dec 1874 Zuidlaren, Drenthe, Nederland, died 19 Nov 1942 Auschwitz, Katowice, Polen
    Married 4 May 1899 Zuidlaren, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Hindrikje van Hasselt, birth 24 Nov 1865 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland, daughter of Hartog Heimans van Hasselt and Judikje Mozes Bamberger
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