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    Minkes Levy Frank, birth 1752 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland, died 5 Sep 1833 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland, son of Levy Jonas and Minke Abrahams
    Married 18 Jul 1783 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland to:
    Hester Abrahams Frank, birth 1756 Kopenhagen, , Denmark, died 9 Dec 1828, daughter of Abraham Frank and Beeltje Salomons
    1) Jonas Menkes Frank, birth 1782 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland, died 22 Sep 1859 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland to:
    Marijke Simons, birth 1782 Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland, died 9 Jan 1842 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland
    2) Bela Frank, birth 1785 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland
    3) Levy Menkes Levie Frank, birth 1787 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland, died 10 Jul 1840 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland
    Married 29 Jul 1838 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland to:
    Sophia Pinkes Italiener, birth 1814 Emden, Hannover, Duitsland 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Pinkes Samuel Italiener and Klaartje Davids Post
    4) Roosje Menkes Frank, birth 1789 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland, died 13 MEI 1873 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland
    Married 26 Jun 1825 Dokkum, Friesland, Nederland to:
    Zadok Hertz Essenheimer, birth 1794 Esch, Hertogdam, Nassau, died 1 OKT 1826 Dokkum, Friesland, Nederland, occupation: Slager, son of Hertz Simon Essenheimer and Hendel Mozes
    5) Moses Frank, birth 1792 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland
    6) Benedictus Menkes or Minkes Levy Frank, birth 29 Dec 1797 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland, died 12 Dec 1877 Emmen, Drenthe, Nederland, occupation: Koopman
    Married 29 MEI 1829 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Frouke or Froukje Salomons de Jong, birth 1804 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, daughter of Salomon Israel de Jong and Debora Hartog
    7) Daniel Frank, birth 1801 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland to:
    Mietje Jacobs Swaab
    8) Betje Frank, birth 1803 Leeuwarden, Friesland, Nederland
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