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    Mozes Abraham Vos, birth 1749 , , Duitsland, died 20 Feb 1827 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, son of Abraham Vos and Mientje Arons
    Married 20 Feb 1827 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Hanna Izak van Coevorden, birth 1772 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, died 12 OKT 1853 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, daughter of Hartog Izak van Coevorden and Hendrina Levy
    1) Abraham Mozes Vos van Coevorden, died 20 Aug 1877 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland
    Married 5 MEI 1822 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland to:
    Betje Lazarus Schaap, birth 28 Apr 1797 Helpem, Groningen, Nederland, died 6 Jun 1850 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland, daughter of Lazarus Joseph or Jozefs Schaap and Aleida Lea or Lyde Izaaks van Coevorden
    2) Jacob Mozes Vos, birth 18 MRT 1797 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, died 13 MEI 1876 Avereest, Overijssel, Nederland, occupation: Vleeshouwer
    Married 11 Apr 1834 Avereest, Overijssel, Nederland to:
    Jochebet Abraham Cohen, birth Feb 1806 Meppel, Drenthe, Nederland, died 8 Aug 1883 Avereest, Overijssel, Nederland, daughter of Abraham Barend Cohen and Rachel Elias Samson Godfried
    3) Salomon Mozes Vos, birth MEI 1799 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, died 25 MEI 1856 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland
    Married 24 Jun 1824 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland to:
    Vogelina Abrahams Israels, birth 23 Jun 1801 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland, died 26 OKT 1861 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland, daughter of Abraham Levy Israels and Judith Levi Pinto
    4) Heintje Mozes Vos, birth 1801 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, died 5 Jan 1881 Delfzijl, Groningen, Nederland
    Married 18 Apr 1825 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Levie Izaak Poortje, birth 15 Sep 1797 Midwolda, Groningen, Nederland, died 16 Jan 1872 Delfzijl, Groningen, Nederland, son of Isaak Levie Poortje and Marieke Nathans
    5) Jette Mozes Vos, birth 1805 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, died 14 Feb 1861 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland
    Married 1846 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Marcus Palm, birth 13 Sep 1799 Swanenberg, Nordrhein, Duitsland, died 17 Jun 1851 Sleen, Drenthe, Nederland, occupation: Koopman and winkelier, son of Joseph Samuel Palm and Rachel Maijer\Meyer
    6) Joel Mozes Vos, birth 21 Dec 1806 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, died 24 Jul 1883 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Saartje Salomon Gomperts, birth 15 OKT 1802 Doesburg, Gelderland, Nederland, died 11 Jul 1875 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, daughter of Salomon Gomperts and N.N.
    7) Sibilla Vos, birth 1808 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, died 20 MEI 1812 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland
    8) Hartog Mozes Vos, birth 4 Jan 1812 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, died 19 Dec 1880 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland
    Married 20 MRT 1841 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Roosje Frank, birth 21 Jul 1813 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, died 28 MRT 1892 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, daughter of Levi Isak Frank and Jette Joseph
    9) Izak Mozes Vos, birth 23 Nov 1813 Groningen, Groningen, Nederland, died 14 Jan 1910 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Helena Vroom, birth 15 Dec 1815 Lochem, Gelderland, Nederland, died 20 MEI 1881 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland
    10) Joseph Mozes Vos, birth 5 Jun 1815 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland
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