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    Salomon Levie Meiboom, birth 1764 Pekelsaim, Nordrheim, Duitsland, died 3 Aug 1847 Rolde, Drenthe, Nederland, son of Mechiel Meiboom and Matta Gona to:
    Saartje Michiels Roos
    1) Michiel Salomon Meiboom, birth 1801 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, died 2 May 1860 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, occupation: Borstelmaker and wolkammer
    Married 10 May 1837 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Miete Salomon Vos, birth 14 Dec 1811 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, died 15 Jan 1901 Coevorden, Drenthe, Nederland, daughter of Salomon Abraham Vos and Saartje Hartog
    2) Mannes Salomons Meiboom, birth 15 Dec 1807 Emmen, Drenthe, Nederland, died 18 May 1880 Hoogeveen, Drenthe, Nederland, occupation: Klokkenschooner
    Married 5 May 1836 Sleen, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Saartje Jakobs, birth 20 Feb 1808 Dalen, Drenthe, Nederland, died 21 Feb 1848 Sleen, Drenthe, Nederland, daughter of Jonas Jakobs and Frouwke Israel
    3) Margje Meiboom, birth Emmen, Drenthe, Nederland, died 4 Jan 1830 Havelte, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Polver Salomon Goed, birth 1784 Kriesdorf, Bayern, Duitsland, died 27 Feb 1866 Havelte, Drenthe, Nederland, son of Salomon Goed and Sipora Goed
    4) Jonas Meiboom, birth 11 Jun 1818 Sleen, Drenthe, Nederland, died 15 Nov 1850 Rolde, Drenthe, Nederland
    Married 30 Jul 1842 Rolde, Drenthe, Nederland to:
    Kaatje Nathans, birth 7 May 1820 Rolde, Drenthe, Nederland 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Nathan Nathans and Betje Jacobs Leezer
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