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    Family page
    Ruben Izak Vorst, birth 1835 Culemborg, died 27 Jun 1901 Culemborg, occupation: bakker, son of IJsaak Ruben Vorst and Mietje Hartog Hijmans
    Married 3 Aug 1860 Culemborg to:
    Roosje Goldsmit, birth 1835 Sneek, died 1 Jul 1912 Culemborg, occupation: broodbakster, daughter of Mozes Joseph Goldsmit and Ester-Esther Simons Goldsmit
    1) Izak Ruben Vorst, birth 1861, died 14 Nov 1921 Utrecht
    Married 21 Apr 1897 Amsterdam to:
    Paulina Gomperts, birth CA 1865 Amsterdam, daughter of Barend Philip Gomperts and Mietje Heijmans
    2) Mozes Ruben Vorst, birth 1863 Culemborg, died 5 Apr 1918 Everdingen
    Married 10 Aug 1896 Opsterland to:
    Sara Hes, birth 1860 Gorredijk, daughter of Michael Jacobs Hes and Gouda Benjamins Levi Leefsma
    3) Hesje Vorst, birth 1868 Herwijnen
    Married 8 Feb 1888 Culemborg to:
    Salomon Wijzenbeek, birth 8 Mar 1854 Herwijnen, died 11 Jan 1929, buried Gorinchem, occupation: koopman, son of Andries Levie Wijzenbeek and Rebekka van Straaten
    4) Mietje Ruben Vorst, birth 11 Oct 1868 Culemborg, died 18 Aug 1942 Zuilen
    Married 17 Dec 1901 Culemborg to:
    Salomon Grootkerk, birth 24 Dec 1866 Leeuwarden, occupation: koopman, son of Hartog Grootkerk and Judigje van der Woude
    5) Joseph Ruben Vorst, birth 29 Mar 1871 Culemborg
    Married 11 Dec 1895 Culemborg to:
    Mienet Wijsenbeek, birth 11 Dec 1875 Culemborg, daughter of N.N. and Betje Wijsenbeek
    voogd van de bruid Maurits Izak Wijzenbeek; toeziend voogd van de bruid Eleazar Wijzenbeek
    6) Grietje Ruben Vorst, birth 1873 Culemborg
    Married 17 Feb 1897 Culemborg to:
    Izak Monasch, birth 25 Jul 1870 Gouda, died 15 Apr 1943 Sobibor, occupation: broodbakker, handelsagent, son of Mozes Monasch and Roosje Zwarenstein
    7) Hartog Ruben Vorst, birth 1876 Culemborg, died 1942, occupation: arts to:
    Tekla Loebschen, birth 1877 Sonsbeck (Duitsland) 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Jacob Loebschen and Amalie Levy
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