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    Theodore Humphreys, died 2012 to:
    Neeltje Kool, alias: Nellie, birth 1 Apr 1924 West-Graftdijk, died 11 Jul 2014 Branchville, New Jersey, VS 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Dirk Kool and Elizabeth Hottentot

    The New Jersey Herald on July 13, 2014

    BRANCHVILLE - Nellie Humphreys passed quietly on the morning of July 11, 2014, after a long illness. She was born Neeltje Kool, in West-Graftdijk, the Netherlands, on April 1, 1924, to Dirk and Elizabeth (Hottentot) Kool. During the war years sh e worked as a nurse's aide in a tuberculosis sanitarium for children in Amsterdam. It was the beginning of a lifelong career in nursing. She married Josef Steinhardt in 1946 and they came to the United States that same year.

    Upon becoming a U.S. citizen, Neeltje changed her first name to Nellie. Josef passed away in 1963, leaving Nellie a widow with three young children. While working a full-time job, she raised her children and went to school, earning a bachelor's de gree in nursing and a Master of Arts in education from New York University in 1971. In 1973, she married Theodore Humphreys and together they moved to Wilmington, N.Y., where they enjoyed camping, hiking, skiing and sailing. In retirement, they sp ent winters on their sailboat in St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles.

    Nellie was predeceased by Ted in January of 2012. She also is predeceased by her brothers, Hendrick and Simon. She is survived by three children: Ellen Steinhardt, Michael Steinhardt, his wife, Kathleen, Lorraine Steinhardt Ernst, her husband, Ste ve; five stepchildren: Raymond Humphreys, Patricia Kugel, Gary Humphreys, Diane Whitten and Barbara Humphreys; and by numerous grand- and great-grandchildren.

    A History of the Holocaust: From Ideology to Annihilation by Rita Steinhardt Botwinick
    Excerpt from Windmills, War, and Water,
    For my children from mother:
    "Your father was born in 1918 to a well-to-do German-Jewish family. His childhood in a small Prussian town was pleasant and peaceful. Papa Steinhardt farmed and operated a mill, a bakery, and other enterprises. Even as a boy Josef (Jup in Dutch ) learned about growing crops and raising animals. But after Hitler came to power in 1933, he had no future in Germany. He was 18 when his parents sent him to Camp Wieringen in Holland. This was an agricutural school that prepared young Zionist s for life in Palestine. There he met and befriended former university students who widened his interrupted education. But, in 1940, before the group could emigrate, the Germans invaded my country. They brought the Holocaust to the Netherlands, an d we lost over 70 percent of our Jewish population."
    By permission courtesy of Nellie Humphreys
    I too grew up in the countryside, in the village of Westgrafdyk. My father was the postmaster/mailman and made is
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