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    Hugo Hajdu, birth 21 Jun 1890 Debrecen, Hongarije, occupation: Eerste kelner, son of Farkas Weisz and Emma Scharcz to:
    Malvin Kosztler, alias: Manci, Margit, birth Miskolc, Hongarije, daughter of Jonas Kosztler and Betti Zinger
    E-mail (31-03-2015) van componist Prof. Andre Hajdu die nu in Israel woont:
    ozsef was my cousin, the first to become religious in our very assimilated family.
    He was wounded in an attack of Hungarian Nazis in a synagogue and went to Holland when Jewish families offered to
    help the wounded to recover. Because of the war he didn't return to Hungary and he wrote that the family "adopted"
    him until better days and was deported from there certainly with them or with the pionnier group.

    His father Hugo was the eldest brother of my father. His mother's name was Margit [Manci] but I cannot remember her maid name. They were also deported to Auschwitz. He had a sister Magda, who lost husband and child but married
    after the war to another husband and went to live in Venezuela

    E-mail (08-04-2015) van Aniko Udvarhelyi, Magyar Zsido Muzeum es Leveltar:
    HajdÔu JÔozsef 27 November 1921. 6 District Hospital was Schčopf-Merei.

    His parents:
    - Hajdu Hugo (head waiter) was born in Debrecen 21 June 1890 . His parents name: Farkas Weisz and Emma Schwarcz (the wedding at the time lived in Budapest Harsfa street 31.)
    - Kčostler Malvin was born in Miskolc Her parents name: Kostler Jonas and Zinger Betti (lived here at the time of the wedding: Budapest SzÔiv street 18.)
    Hajdu Hugo and Kostler Malvin was married in Budapest 10 November 1918.
    1) Jozsef Hajdu, birth 24 Nov 1921 Boedapest, Hongarije, died 31 Jan 1943 Auschwitz, Polen
    2) Magda Hajdu, birth Boedapest, Hongarije
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