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    Mozes Jacob Akiba Polak-Levie, birth 1763 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
    on 21 Tishre 5524 - circumcision of Moshe ben Akiba halevi Melamed [?]
    , died 21 Mar 1842 Hoorn, info by courtesy of mr. G. Kornalijnslijper., occupation: cantor of jewish community in Hoorn, son of Jacob Akiba Levie Juda(leib) Sofer-Levie and Judith Gittele Mozes Verdoner
    Married 1783 Amsterdam, dtb 753/414; witn.groom: m.Judith Mozes; witn.bride: f.Mozes Bremer. to:
    Marianne Mozes Bremer, birth 1764 Amsterdam, died 16 Mar 1835 Hoorn, info by courtesy of mr. G. Kornalijnslijper., daughter of Mozes Levie Leib Bremer and Dina Salomon Zalman
    1) Jacob Mozes Polak, birth 1784 Amsterdam, info by courtesy of mr. G. Kornalijnslijper., died 1848 Hoorn, info by courtesy of mr. G. Kornalijnslijper.
    Married 24 Oct 1807 Hoorn, info by courtesy of mr. G. Kornalijnslijper. to:
    Vrouwtje Hijman Trompetter, birth 1784 Hoorn, info by courtesy of mr. G. Kornalijnslijper., died 1867 Hoorn, info by courtesy of mr. G. Kornalijnslijper., daughter of Hijman Chaim David Trompetter and Rachel Rechla Simon Zimle Ashkenaz
    2) Hester Mozes Polak, birth ± 1785 Alkmaar, died 20 Jan 1813 Hoorn, Hester Mozes Polak, born in Alkmaar, 27 yrs.old, daughter of Mozes Jacob Polak & Maartje Mozes Bremer, spouse of Hartog Abraham Deun[sic].
    Notifiers: the souse Hartog Abram Deun and Benjamin Abram Deun, his brother.

    Married ± 1811 to:
    Hartog Abraham Deen, birth ± 1779 Hoorn, died 17 Aug 1850 Hoorn, Hartog Abraham Deen, 71 yrs.old, son of Abraham Benjamin Deen & Schoontje Gabriel[?] Gans, spouse of Schoontje Jozef Benjamins., son of Abraham Benjamin Wolf Deen and Anna Schoontje Joseph Gans
    3) Levie Mozes Polak, birth ± 1790 Amsterdam
    Married 22 Aug 1824 Hoorn, Mietje Isaac Bremer, from The Hague, 39 yrs.old, daughter of Isaac Mozes Bremer & Jusik Joseph Bremer, and
    Levie Mozes Polak, from Amsterdam, 34 yrs.old, son of Mozes Jacob Polak & Marjanne Bremer.
    Mietje Isaac Bremer, birth ± 1785 The Hagur, daughter of Isaac Mozes Bremer and Judith Joseph
    4) Saartje Mozes Polak, birth ± 1795 Alkmaar, died 3 Apr 1881 Den Helder, burial at Den Helder Jewish cemetery.
    Married 7 Sep 1815 Den Helder, Philip Salomon de Beer, 23 yrs.old, born in Amsterdam and Saartje Polak, 20 yrs.old, born in Alkmaar.
    parents groom: Salomon Benedictus de Beer & Eva Jacob Polak
    parents bride: Moses Jacob Polak & Maria Breemer.
    Philip Salomon de Beer, birth ± 1792 Amsterdam, son of Salomon Zelig Benedictus Bendit Philip de Beer and Eva Chava Jacob Akiba Polak-Levie
    5) Hartog Mozes Polak-Levie, birth 5 Nov 1796 Hoorn, died 31 Jan 1882 Den Helder, buried in Den Helder, nr. 42., occupation: 2nd hand shop, musician, tradesman
    Married 11 Dec 1816 The Hague, marriage act nr. 185
    bride's mother Anna Samuel is deceased.
    (info courtesy of G.Kornalijnslijper)
    (divorced 17 Aug 1837 Schagen) to:
    Beletje Mozes v.d.Water, birth 1789 Amsterdam, daughter of Mozes Hartog Hirsch v.d.Water Levie-v.Glogau and Anna Hindele Samuel
    6) Sophia Mozes Polak, birth 1799 Hoorn
    Married 18 Feb 1824 Haarlem, Philip Machiel Mok, 26 yrs.old, born in Haarlem, son of Machiel Philip Mok & Vrouwtje Levij, and
    Sophia Mozes Polak, 24 yrs.old, born in Hoorn, daughter of Mozes Jacob Polak & Marie Mozes Bremer.
    Philip Machiel Mok, birth 1797 Haarlem, son of Michiel Philip Mok and Vrouwtje Levie
    7) Betje Mozes Polak, birth ± 1807 Hoorn
    Married 5 Apr 1829 Hoorn, Benjamin Meyer Krevelt, 23 yrs.old, from Hoorn and Betje Mozes Polak, 21 yrs.old, from Hoorn
    parents groom: Meyer Abraham Krevelt & Vrouwtje Benjamin la Balance
    parents bride: Mozes Jacob Polak, cantor & Maria Mozes Bremer.
    Benjamin Meyer Krevelt, birth ± 1805 Hoorn, son of Meyer Abraham Krevelt and Vrouwtje Frumet Benjamin la Balance
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