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    Benjamin Baruch-Bendit Joseph Juzpe Loeza, birth 1711 Amsterdam, died 1784 Amsterdam, Zeeburg: op 19 Sivan 5544 - Benedictus Joseph Loeza., son of Joseph Juzpe Loeza and Engeltje Hendele Jonas
    Married 1736 Amsterdam, dtb 722/193; witn.groom: br.-in-law Benedictus Joseph; witn.bride: m.Roosje Elias.
    [Kroossies probably deformation of Roossies, after the mother's name!].
    Judith Jutche David Tevle Kroossies, birth 1710 Diez, daughter of David Tevle Kroossies and N.N.
    1) Anna Hendele Benjamin Bendit Loeza, birth 1737 Amsterdam, died 1780 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 12 Adar II 5540 - wife of Jacob Aron Levie T"Sh.
    Married 1761 Amsterdam, dtb 738/293; witn.groom: m.Ester Samuel; witn.bride: f.Benjamin Joseph.
    Tnaim acharonim in act 5522/17 on 18 Cheshvan 5522; groom: Jacob ben Aron halevi;
    bride: Hendele, accompanied by father Bendit ben Juzpa Loeza, who donates fl. 100,- to the dowry; mother bride: Jette bat Tevle; brothers groom: Samuel, Simon & Zalman.
    Jacob Arend Aron Tabakspinner-Levie, birth 1738 Amsterdam, son of Aron Salomon Levie-T"Sh and Ester Samuel
    2) David Tevle Benjamin Benedictus Loeza, birth 1739 Amsterdam, died 5 Jan 1800 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: David Benedictus Loeza.
    Married 1761 Amsterdam, dtb 738/354; witn.groom: f.Benjamin Joseph; witn.bride: f.Eliaser Levie Cohen.
    Tnaim acharonim in act 5522/42 on 11 Teveth 5522;
    groom: David Tevle ben Bendit Loeza;
    bride: Channa, accompanied by father Leizer ben Leib Cohen, who donates fl. 100,- to the dowry; mother bride: Ester.
    Anna Channa Eliaser Leizer Cohen-Presser, birth 1739 Amsterdam, died 29 Dec 1800 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: widow of David Benedictus Loeza., daughter of Eliaser Leizer Levie Leib Cohen-Presser and Ester Joseph Cohen
    3) Schoontje Sjeinche Benjamin Duijvel, birth 1748 Amsterdam, died 19 Mar 1813 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
    Schoontje Benjamin, 65 yrs.old, widow of Levie Eliazar Presser.
    Notifiers: Gompel Levie Presser, 45 yrs.old, son and Abraham Levie Presser, 40 yrs.old, son.
    (info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

    Married 1767 Amsterdam, dtb 743/36; witn.groom: f.Eliaser Levie Cohen; witn.bride: f.Benjamin Joseph. to:
    Levie Eliaser Leizer Cohen-Presser, birth 1745 Amsterdam, died 25 Nov 1780 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 27 Cheshvan 5541 - Leib ben Leizer Cohen-Presser., son of Eliaser Leizer Levie Leib Cohen-Presser and Ester Joseph Cohen
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