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    Salomon Brest, birth ± 1779 Blokzijl
    Married 16 Aug 1827 Blokzijl, Salomon Brest, 48 yrs.old, butcher, zon of [H]eiman Emanuel Brest & Vrouwtje Jacobs, and
    Klaartje Levie, 28 yrs.old, laborer, from Amsterdam, daughter of Levie Eliazer Levie & Beeltje Visser.
    Klaartje Levie, birth ± 1799 Amsterdam, died 17 Nov 1859 Blokzijl, Klaartje Levie, from Amsterdam, 60 yrs.old, daughter of Levie Eleazar Levie & Beeltjr Visser, spouse of Salomon Brest., daughter of Levie Eliaser Leizer Levie-Drukker and Bele Fischel Polak
    1) Vrouwtje Brest, birth ± 1838 Blokzijl
    Married 8 Nov 1862 Blokzijl, Salomon Jacobs, from Blokzijl, 43 yrs.old, tradesman. son of Jacob Alexander Jacobs & Beth Israel Themans, and
    Vrouwtje Brest, from Blokzijl, 24 yrs.old, daughter of Salomon Brest & Klara Levie.
    Salomon Jacob Jacobs, birth ± 1819 Blokzijl, died 13 Jun 1897 Blokzijl, Salomon Jacobs, from Blokzijl, 78 yrs.old, tradesman, son of Jacob Alexander Jacobs & Betje Themans, spouse of Vrouwtje Brest., son of Jacob Alexander Ziskind Jacobs and Betje Israel Themans
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