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    Nehemias Salomon Cohen, birth ± 1740, died 28 Nov 1817 Gendt, Nehemia Salomon Cohen, 67 yrs.old, parents unknown, spouse of Betje Isaac.
    Married Gendt, near Nijmegen, see: Nijmegen-collection. to:
    Betje Isaac, birth 1763 Aalten, died 14 Oct 1833 Huissen, Betje Isac, born in Aalten in 1763, daughter of Levie Isaac & Grietje Simons, widow of Nehemia Salomon Cohen.
    1st notifier: Salomon Nehemia Cohen, 36 yrs.old, tradesman, from Didam, [son]
    1) Catharina Nehemia Salomon Cohen, birth ± 1795 Gendt
    Married ± 1827, announcement of intended marriage in Veenendaal on 23 Sep 1827:
    Isaac Levie de Jong, 74 yrs.old, from Amsterdam, widower of Judith Meyer, son of Levie Isaacs & Johanna Elias, and
    Catharina Nehemia Salomon Cohen, 32 yrs.old, from Gent, district of Nijmegen, residing in Amsterdam, daughter of Nehemia Salomon Cohen & Betje Isaac.
    Isaac Levie de Jong, birth ± 1754 Amsterdam?
    2) Simon Nehemia Cohen, birth 31 Dec 1806 Gendt
    Married 26 Mar 1834 Huissen, Simon Nehemia Cohen, 27 yrs.old, butcher, born in Gent, son of Nehemia Cohen & Betje Isacs, both deceased and
    Ester Manasse, 23 yrs.old, daughter of Levie Manasse & Clara Alexander in Elst.
    Ester Manasse, birth ± 1810 Elst
    3) Jetje Nehemia Cohen, birth 22 Dec 1810 Gendt, died 28 Jan 1858 Doornenburg, Jetje Nehemia Cohen, spouse of Joseph Abrahams, daughter of Nehemia Cohen & Bella [I]saks.
    Married 12 Mar 1834 Huissen, Joseph Abrahams, butcher, 32 yrs.old, born in Koerdort, son of Israel Abrahams & Brauwde Isaac and
    Jetje Nehemia Cohen, 23 yrs.old, born in Gent, daughter of Nehemia Cohen & Betje Isac.
    Joseph Abrahams, birth ± 1801 Koerdort
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