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  • Jewish Genealogical research in the Netherlands
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    Search Engine last updated: 16-06-2019
    Date Status Item & Link
    25-06-2019 The Duizend Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    22-06-2019 Gravestone Archives:
    Naaldwijk, Zuid-Holland
    16-05-2019 The De Vries (Neede, Haarlem) Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    15-05-2019 Royal decoration for Moshe Mossel and Ben Noach
    Ridder in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau (Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau)
    12-05-2019 Gravestone Archives:
    Monnickendam, Noord-Holland
    30-04-2019 Gravestone Archives:
    Rijssen, Overijssel
    14-04-2019 The Abas Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    22-03-2019 Gravestone Archives:
    Vlaardingen, Zuid-Holland
    26-02-2019 The Zilversmit Family Tree (reconstructed - vers.beta 1.1)
    (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    24-02-2019 Gravestone Archives:
    Lochem, Gelderland
    13-01-2019 The Triptych - Kehilloth
    The Jewish community of Meppel
    05-01-2019 Alexander Duparc Family Tree Collection (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    03-01-2019 The Vaz Dias Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    03-01-2019 The Northern database - Core version (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    The Northern database - Classical version (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    03-01-2019 The Avereest regional database (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    The Winschoten regional database (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    18-12-2018 The Van Geuns (Delfzijl) Family Tree (HTML version)
    The Tal Family Tree (HTML version)
    26-11-2018 The Triptych - Kehilloth
    The Jews in Werkendam and Woudrichem
    26-11-2018 Gravestone Archives:
    Delft, Zuid-Holland
    19-11-2018 The Snapper-Brouwer Family Tree
    (Snapper-Brouwer -- HTML version)
    (Brouwer -- PHP version)
    (Snapper -- PHP version)
    15-11-2018 Gravestone Archives: Cemetery Veenendaal, Utrecht
    Major expansion and update (augmented research by: Ben Noach)
    12-11-2018 The Frankfort Family Tree - v.10 - Major expansion and update
    (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    08-11-2018 The Deventer Database v.1.2 (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    07-10-2018 The Triptych - Kehilloth
    The Jewish community in Vlaardingen
    05-10-2018 The Belinfante Family Tree - PHP version
    (The existing HTML version was updated)
    04-10-2018 Important security upgrade:
    The dutchjewry.org website, as well as the stenenarchief.nl website, are now secured with SSL certificates and are accessed with the https:// prefix.
    If accessed with the old unsecured http:// prefix, visitors will be automatically transferred to the secured site.
    04-10-2018 Gravestone Archives:
    Winterswijk - Misterweg, Gelderland
    25-09-2018 The Triptych - Famous institutions
    Asser Hirsch' "Israelite Boarding School for Young Gentlemen" at Tiel
    05-09-2018 The Triptych - Famous persons
    Mozes Goldtsmidt, founder of the Groningen community
    03-09-2018 The Triptych - Famous persons
    The Spanjaard family from Borne, Twente, Overijssel
    19-08-2018 Gravestone Archives:
    Roermond (new cemetery), Limburg
    Roermond (old cemetery), Limburg
    25-07-2018 The Triptych - Kehilloth
    The Jewish community of the city of Leeuwarden
    20-07-2018 New item in Groningen Civil Registers by Engbert Schut:
    Declarations of identity - Groningen-Winschoten
    27-06-2018 Gravestone Archives: Cemetery Borne, Overijssel
    27-06-2018 The Spits/Spitz Family Tree - PHP version
    24-06-2018 The Duizend Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    20-06-2018 The Triptych - Kehilloth
    A Register of the Jewish names in Helena Poppers' posthumous thesis
    "De Joden in Overijssel van hunne vestiging tot 1814"
    (collected by Marianne Slager z"l)
    08-06-2018 The privacy rules of Akevoth clarified (in English and Dutch)
    29-05-2018 Deventer Database version 1.1 (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    27-05-2018 Gravestone Archives: Cemetery Zwartsluis, Overijssel
    25-05-2018 Gravestone Archives: Cemetery Winterswijk Spoorstraat, Gelderland
    21-05-2018 Gravestone Archives: Cemetery Gorinchem, Zuid-Holland
    Major expansion and update (augmented research by: Ine Lejeune)
    21-03-2018 Civil Registers of the province of Groningen
    (The first decennia of the 19th century)
    by Engbert Schut
    17-03-2018 In Memoriam
    Westerbork detainees who were buried in the Jewish cemetery of Assen
    (a jpg image of the Nieuw Israelietisch Weekblad paper of 5 March 1965)
    17-03-2018 The Leefsma Family Tree (also Wolf, Nieweg and Bamberger) (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    16-03-2018 The Schlosser Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    16-03-2018 The Triptych - Kehilloth
    The Jewish history of Gorredijk
    21-02-2018 Gravestone Archives (Stenenarchief)
    Amersfoort-Bloemendalse Poort, Utrecht
    13-02-2018 The Triptych - Kehilloth
    The Jews in Overijssel from their first settlement to 1814
    (Helena Poppers' posthumous thesis)
    04-02-2018 The Triptych - Famous Persons
    Jewish artists in Dutch culture
    04-02-2018 The Triptych - Kehilloth
    The Jewish Community of Leerdam