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  • Jewish Genealogical research in the Netherlands
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    Search Engine last updated: 24-09-2016
    Date Status Item & Link
    23-09-2016 The Jacobs Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    21-09-2016 The Triptych - Famous institutions - De Joodse Invalide
    16-09-2016 Archive of Stones - 3 Limburg cemeteries reviewed and augmented:
    Gulpen, Gennep & Grevenbicht
    09-09-2016 Chaim Caran's description of the Frisian cemeteries
    28-08-2016 Archive of Stones Heerlen, Limburg
    05-08-2016 Archive of Stones Hardenberg Holt, Overijssel
    05-08-2016 The Triptych - Famous persons -
    Five Jewish historians in the Netherlands after WWII
    (Abel Jacob Herzberg, Lou de Jong, Isaac Lipschitz, Jaap Meijer and Jacques Presser)
    06-07-2016 The Northern database - Classical version (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    04-07-2016 The Boas Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    (updated and augmented version)
    13-06-2016 Descendants of Elias Mozes Cohen (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    based on original research by Ernest J.L. Gompers - De Meern (NL)
    (augmented version)
    31-05-2016 The Creveld / van Kreveld Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    15-05-2016 The Alexander Duparc Family Tree Collection (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    05-05-2016 The Braadbaart Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    04-04-2016 Jewish Genealogical research in the Netherlands
    25-03-2016 Hoorn - by Gerrit Kornalijnslijper (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    09-03-2016 The Koperberg / Kooperberg Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    04-03-2016 The Montanhes Family Tree (New and consolidated version)
    (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    07-02-2016 The Nathans Family Tree (provisional new interim version)
    (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    18-01-2016 The Northern database - Classical version (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    08-01-2016 Archive of Stones Hardenberg, Overijssel
    23-12-2015 The Triptych - Kehiloth - Groningen
    23-12-2015 Archive of Stones Geervliet, Zuid-Holland
    08-12-2015 The Haringman Family Tree (version 2.0 pre-final) (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    04-12-2015 The Alexander Duparc Family Tree Collection (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    01-12-2015 The Van Gelder Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    11-11-2015 The De Vries (Neede/Haarlem) Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    01-11-2015 The Heilbron (Dinxperlo) Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)
    21-10-2015 Archive of Stones Geffen, Noord-Brabant
    14-10-2015 The Triptych - Kehiloth - Zuidlaren
    14-10-2015 The Bamberg Family Tree (HTML version) - (PHP version)