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    Date Status Item & Link
    17-09-2014 The Trompetter Family Tree (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    14-09-2014 Alexander Duparc Family Tree Collection (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    12-09-2014 Archive of Stones  Delden, Overijssel
    10-09-2014 The Frank (Wildervank/Veendam/Groningen/Rotterdam) Family Tree (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    03-09-2014 The de Vries (Neede/Haarlem) Family Tree (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    01-09-2014 The Leefsma/Wolf/Nieweg/Bamberger Family Tree (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    31-08-2014 The Heilbut Family Tree (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    27-08-2014 Archive of Stones  Bredevoort, Gelderland
    21-08-2014 Archive of Stones  Eibergen, Gelderland
    20-08-2014 Search Engine Updated
    17-08-2014 The Winkel (Den Haag, Amsterdam) Family Tree (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    17-08-2014 The Wijsenbeek-Wijzenbeek (Culemborg) Family Tree (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    07-08-2014 The Asscher Family Tree (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    07-08-2014 The Duizend Family Tree (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    07-08-2014 The Hoek Family Tree (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    01-08-2014 The Van Vlijmen Family Tree, (Den Bosch)  (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    01-08-2014 The Velleman Family Tree (Rotterdam)  (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    13-07-2015 The Triptych - Kehillot - Apeldoorn
    15-07 The Triptych - Famous Persons - Dr. Henri Polak
    13-07-2015 The Triptych - Kehillot - Oud-Beijerland
    10-05-2014 The Van Trommel Family Tree  (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    10-05-2014 The Italiaander Family Tree   (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    01-05-2014 The Van Geuns, Delfzijl  Family Tree  (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    30-04-2014 The Souget (also Visser Hirsch and Swaab) Family Tree (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)
    05-05-2014 The De Lange Family Tree (see Steren, Blog, Fortuin) (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)  Submitter:- Joe Blog (Houston,Texas,USA)-e-mail:- jblog9627@gmail.com
    05-05-2014 The Fortuin Family Tree (see Blog, de Lange, Steren) (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)  Submitter:- Joe Blog (Houston,Texas,USA)-e-mail:-jblog9627@gmail.com
    05-05-2014 The Blog Family Tree (see Steren, de Lange, Fortuin) (HTML version)  -  (PHP version)  Submitter:- Joe Blog (Houston,Texas,USA)-e-mail:- jblog9627@gmail.com