Yael (Lotje) Ben Lev-de Jong

Born in 1937 in Amsterdam.
Spent her childhood under Nazi-occupation.
Finished high-school in 1955 and went to Israel in 1957 where she married John Herz (Ben Lev). They have four kids, from which she now has ten grand-children.
The family spent 4 years in kibbutz Beit Hashitah, then 14 years in moshav Lachish and since 1975 she lives in kibbutz Palmachim.
She had several jobs in the kibbutz, as volunteer-leader, in children-houses and kitchen. Now, for 18 years she works in the kibbutz-gardens, presently as a pensioner. She is interested in history and genealogy, and she learned about her family-history as well, which goes back in Holland quite a few centuries.
Hobbies: gardening, pets, reading, classical music.