Kees Kinneging

I was born on 31 August 1939 in Utrecht. My cradle stood at a distance of hardly 50 meters from the Jewish cemetery at the Zandpad in Utrecht.
My father had a horticultural business on the Zandpand.

After high school I followed various training courses in the field of bookkeeping.
For 35 years I was employed by a large construction firm as supervisor of the costing of various building projects and building combinations in the Netherlands and Belgium.
In 2001 I took early retirement and since 2004 I have been on full pension.

I am married with 4 children who have all left home.
My hobbies are genealogy and painting.

For years I have been researching my roots.
The surname Kinneging lends itself particularly to genealogical research, as it is spelled in 8 different ways.
Some details point to English or Scottish roots. Cunningham perhaps? But there is no certainty about that.
Genealogy is my favorite hobby, so the step to volunteer at Akevoth, was not a big one and it is my wish to be able to continue contributing to its activities for a long time to come.