Jan Sanberg

Born in Amsterdam in 1934. His official first name – Johannes, derived from the Hebrew Yochanan – is never used, except in Israel.

Married in 1960 to Christina A. (Ineke) Stuiver (a family-name the experts claim to be Jewish, though a Jewish ancestor has not been found, so-far). The couple has two children and two grand-children.

Ineke and Jan are members of the Protestant Church in The Netherlands (PKN). After having lived in Amsterdam and Amstelveen, they moved in 1972 to Oud-Beijerland, about 20 kilometres south of Rotterdam. Early 1975 Jan decided to study Hebrew, all by himself, and experience taught him that this is not to be recommended.

He and his wife are members – since 1989 – of the “commissie Kerk en Israël” (commission for the relationship between Christianity and Judaism) of their local church and thus participate in the organisation of activities - lectures and the like - on Judaism and the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

After having worked with different companies – mostly as export-manager and during the last 22 years of his career as a trader and broker in the cocoa-business - he retired at the end of 1998.

Jan visited Israel for the first time in 1967, several months before the outbreak of the Six Day War, and fell immediately in love with the country. It was not until 1985 that he had the opportunity to travel to Israel again, this time together with Ineke. Since then the two of them have been visiting the Promised Land almost every year.