Chaim Caran

Born in Abbenes, Haarlemmermeer  Adar 7 5709 ; lived in Utrecht between 1955-1966.
Studied at Delft University and graduated as a civil engineer in 1976. Was a board member of the Jewish Student Organization IJAR both in Delft ("erelid") and Utrecht, wrote articles in the IJAR-Yearbooks of 1978 and 1979.

Made aliah in 1979; WUJS ulpan in Arad; since 1980 living in Eilat , working there as a civil engineer (best known project the Dutch drawbridge over the lagoon).

One of the founders of the Israeli Society for Dutch Genealogy, the predecessor of Akevoth.
Researcher of Frisian Jewry; member of te Leeuwarden Foundation for the maintenance of the Leeuwarden synagogue in Kfar Batya, Israel. Published about the first Jewish settlers in Friesland around 1670 and their relation to the famous Ury Ha Levy in Avotaynu (fall 2004).

Contributor to the Hebrew / Yiddish to Dutch  dictionary ("Hebreeuwse en Jiddisje woorden in het Nederlands") SDU Den Haag 2002.

Contributor to the Dutch Jewish Genealogical Database for Friesland (gravestones).

Family trees: Modijefsky (Cherson,Ukraina; Amsterdam) incl. Dinur, Sanders (Helpman), Van Gelder (Hindeloopen), Drielsma (Ylst, Emden,Leeuwarden), Levy-Kan (Wildau,Leeuwarden), Linnewiel (Luneville,Leeuwarden), Cohen (Leeuwarden), de Groot/van Minden (Holzminden,Sneek), de Haas (Bolsward), de Roos [Levy], van Dam (Wildervank) ,Polido (Pisa), Kessnich