Dirkje Bobbe

Dirkje Bobbe-Vink was born in 1944 in Rijswijk. She has been a secretary in the automobile and graphic paper industry.

Dirkje is active in genealogical research since 1975 and started out researching the Bobbe family tree. This lead to mapping an important part of this family, who adopted the Bobbe family name in The Hague.

Her late husband, Reinier Bobbe z"l was born in 1937 in The Hague. He had an active and productive life in the graphic paper industry. Retired since 2000 he passed away on the 16th of January 2014.

Their fruitful partnership in genealogical research resulted in an enormous genealogical database of Dutch Jewry nationwide, now kept and maintained by Dirkje and their eldest son Reinier Jr. who maintains their genealogical website.

Dirkje is an active and central member of the genealogical task force of Akevoth in the Netherlands.