Barend Elburg

Born in Hilversum 19.5.1940 (9 days after the Germans occupied the Netherlands). Survived WWII in hiding, as did his parents. Attended the Jewish high school in Amsterdam and was active in Bne Akiva where he met his wife. Jewish studies and Hebrew in Amsterdam and international seminars.

Part time chazzan/teacher of the Jewish community in Groningen (1962-1967). Worked for IBM (1967-1971 in Holland, 1972-1995 in Israel). After early retirement, member of the boards of Beth Juliana and Stichting Platform Israel (SPI) during the negotiations on the "Maror" funds and subsequently the setup and first stint of Stichting Collectieve Maror Gelden Israel (SCMI).

He and his wife live in Rehovot, have two married children and eight grandchildren.

Participates in the "Stenen Archief" project to decipher and transcribe the Hebrew and Dutch texts on the gravestones and translate the Hebrew part into Dutch.