Nachum Aronson

Born 1950 in Amsterdam. Finished HBS in 1969 and studied in Yeshivot in Sunderland, UK and in Ashdod, Israel. Married in 1976 and continued studying in Sunderland Kollel where he was ordained as a Rabbi. Lives since 1989 in Manchester where he is currently a lecturer in Jewish subjects at several colleges. He also occasionally serves as a member of the Manchester Beth Din and is a member of the Chevra Kadisha.
The Aronsons have 14 children and several grandchildren. His genealogical interest was, as a schoolboy, sparked off by his grandfather when the latter urged him to research their roots and he spent many weeks searching through the Amersfoort archives, situated in Utrecht. After an impasse of some 40 years he recently picked up his research again, discovering new (albeit remote) family members "all the time".