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  • Nico Creveld

    Nico Creveld (born in Utrecht, 1945) was the initial webmaster and computer expert of the Dutch Jewish Genealogical Data Base from 2003 till the end of 2013 (first at the genealogical department of the Center for Research of Dutch Jewry and from November 2006 at Akevoth).

    His professionalism, devotion and sense for innovations, coupled with an infinite amount of volunteering working hours, created the foundation for the uniqueness of Akevoth's website, its global popularity and the digital environment in which Akevoth's volunteering staff operates on a worldwide basis.

    Especially to be mentioned is his expertise of constructing digital databases, his most important contribution to the development of Akevoth's website and the way its content is presented on the internet.

    Nico was an active member of the board of Akevoth from the very beginning.