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  • In Memory of Reinier Bobbe R.I.P. (1937-2014)

    Reinier Bobbe was from the start of Akevoth in 2003, the representative of Akevoth in the Netherlands, its Dutch branchmanager and the general project leader of the Gravestones Archive -the digitalisation project of the Ashkenazi cemeteries in the Netherlands.
    Born in The Hague in 1937, he retired in 2000, after a career in the paper industry.
    He passed away on 16 January 2014.

    Reinier was a dilligent, trustworthy and experienced genealogist, who,together with his wife, executed Jewish genealogical research, which led to the building-up of an enormous genealogical database of Dutch Jewry, which, placed on a website of its own, is visited and used by many people today.

    Together with his wife, he also assisted and accompanied foreign visitors to the Netherlands, who wanted to use this opportunity to do some additional genealogical research in the archives or pay a visit to a cemetery.

    Reinier was an amiable person, tactful and friendly in his relations with others and the team members of Akevoth.
    He has contributed materially to the embedding of Akevoth in the Dutch genealogical environment in general, and enhancing its popularity among the Dutch Jewish genealogical researchers.