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Name father (NL)
Gompert Levij  
Name father (Hebr.)
Gomprich Levy 
Name mother (NL)
Dientje Arons 
Name mother (Hebr.)
Bliem bat Aharon z.l. 
Name 1st child (NL)
Mariana Gompers  
Name 1st child (Hebr.)
Mehrele bat Gomprich Levy 
Birth date 1st child (NL)
Birth date 1st child (Hebr.)
14 Tewet 5567  
Name 2nd child (NL)
Hendrina Gompers  
Name 2nd child (Hebr.)
Hendele bat Gomprich Levy 
Birth date 2nd child (NL)
Birth date 2nd child (Hebr.)
4 Adar 5568  
Name 3rd child (NL)
Ester Gompers Levij  
Name 3rd child (Hebr.)
Ester bat Gomprich Levy 
Birth date 3rd child (NL.)
Birth date 3rd child (Hebr.)
7 Elloel 5569  
Name 4th child (NL)
Moses Gompers Levij  
Name 4th child (Hebr.)
Mosje ben Gomprich Levy 
Birth date 4th child (NL)
Birth date 4th child (Hebr.)
11 Chesjwan 5571  
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