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Name father (NL)
Benjamin Marcus  
Name father (Hebr.)
Baroech Foelda 
Name mother (NL)
Henriette Jacobs 
Name mother (Hebr.)
Nenna bat Ja'acov Zonsbek ( Sonsbeck in Duitsland) 
Name 1st child (NL)
Marcus Benjamin  
Name 1st child (Hebr.)
Mordechai ben phum Baroech Fuld 
Birth place 1st child
Birth date 1st child (Hebr.)
17 Menachem 5550 
Name 2nd child (NL)
Ester Benjamin  
Name 2nd child (Hebr.)
Ester bat phum Baroech Foeld 
Birth date 2nd child (NL)
Birth date 2nd child (Hebr.)
13 Chesjwan 5552  
Name 3rd child (NL)
Seiva Benjamin  
Name 3rd child (Hebr.)
Sjeva bat phum Baroech Foeld 
Birth date 3rd child (NL.)
Birth date 3rd child (Hebr.)
29 Sjewat 5553 
Name 4th child (NL)
Meijer Benjamin  
Name 4th child (Hebr.)
Me'ier ben phum Baroech Foeld 
Birth date 4th child (NL)
Birth date 4th child (Hebr.)
4 Kislew 5556  
Name 5th child (NL)
Francijn Benjamin  
Name 5th child (Hebr.)
Fegele bat Baroech Foeld 
Birth date 5th child (NL)
Birth date 5th child (Hebr.)
5 Elloel 5559  
Name 6th child (NL)
Hanike Benjamin  
Name 6th child (Hebr.)
Birth date 6th child (NL)
Birth date 6th child (Hebr.)
19 Tammoez 5563  
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