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    Juda Levie Bremer, birth 21 Sep 1838 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland, died 20 Dec 1889 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland, son of Levie Hijman Breemer\Bremer and Leentje Juda Prins
    Married 19 Oct 1860 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland to:
    Judith Koster, birth 1840 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland, died 16 May 1899 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland, daughter of Willem Eleazer Koster and Rachel or Racheltje Jacob Polak
    1) Leentje Bremer, birth 2 Nov 1861 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland
    Married 11 Mar 1891 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland to:
    Abraham van CLEEFF\ Kleef, birth 2 Oct 1859 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland, died 1 Dec 1929 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland, son of Levie Abraham van Cleeff\Cleef and Roosje Mozes du Mosch
    2) Regina Bremer, birth 15 Mar 1863 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland
    Married 29 Jul 1892 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland to:
    Emanuel Levie, birth 1854 Rheden, Gelderland, Nederland, occupation: Onderwijser, son of Abraham Samuel Levie and Hester Cohen
    3) Feijtje Bremer, birth 3 Feb 1865 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland
    Married 21 Sep 1894 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland to:
    Willem Eleazar Koster, birth 1864 Medemblik, Noord-Holland, Nederland, occupation: Musicus, son of Eliasar or Eleazar Willem Koster and Rachel Hartog Oostra
    4) Vrouwtje Bremer, birth 31 Dec 1866 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland
    Married 26 Jun 1896 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland to:
    Alexander Polak, birth 1866 's Gravenhage, Zuid-Holland, Nederland, occupation: Diamantsnijder, son of Benedictus Polak and Antje Cohen
    5) Klaartje Bremer, birth 14 Apr 1869 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland, died 5 Feb 1943 Auschwitz, Katowice, Polen
    Married 28 Dec 1897 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland to:
    Herman Mozes, birth 8 Jun 1871 Arnhem, Gelderland, Nederland, died 5 Feb 1943 Auschwitz, Katowice, Polen, occupation: Slager, son of Abraham Mozes and Belitje Levie Sondervan
    6) Marianne Bremer, birth 14 Jan 1871 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland, died 12 Feb 1943 Auschwitz, Katowice, Polen to:
    van Thijn
    7) Betje Bremer, birth 2 Oct 1872 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland, died 21 May 1943 Sobibor, Biala Podleska, Polen to:
    8) Willem Bremer, birth 7 Oct 1874 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland, died 24 Sep 1942 Auschwitz, Katowice, Polen
    9) Saartje Bremer, birth 26 Jan 1877 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland
    10) Grietje Bremer, birth 14 Apr 1879 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland, died 23 Nov 1942 Auschwitz, Katowice, Polen to:
    van Dam
    11) Louisa Bremer, birth 15 Apr 1881 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland, died 4 Jun 1943 Sobibor, Biala Podleska, Polen to:
    12) Levie Juda Bremer, birth 5 Oct 1883 Hoorn, Noord-Holland, Nederland, died 28 May 1943 Sobibor, Biala Podleska, Polen
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