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  • The Deventer Database version 1.2


    The “Deventer Database” – the database of the Jewish population of Deventer (http://www.dutchjewry.org/drieluik/deventer/deventer.shtml) – is a joint project of Akevoth and the Etty Hillesum Centrum (http://www.ettyhillesumcentrum.nl/en) in Deventer.

    The project, which took several years to complete, was carried out by Sara Kirby-Nieweg (Cambridge, UK), a senior Akevoth member and researcher.

    At its core is an extensive and detailed file, previously composed by the Etty Hillesum Centrum,  mainly concerning Jewish residents who lived in Deventer during or before WWII.

    The format in which the data were presented, was however not compatible with the Akevoth website, nor was it searchable. Akevoth therefore decided to reconstruct the DB in its entirety and to do additional research, as many new digital (and also other) sources had become available since the EHC completed its work.

    The result was a unique database of 10,796 persons and 4,652 families, which we were proud to add to the Dutch Jewish Genealogical Database as version 1.1.

    After some minor additions, mainly concerning younger generations, and comments and corrections received from users, that version was replaced on Nov 8, 2018 by version 1.2.

    Apart from the fixed members of the Deventer Jewish Community – their ancestry, relatives and descendants, including those who moved elsewhere – Jewish people residing in Deventer who should be considered as transient, have also been incorporated.

    These are mainly German refugees arriving after 1933 who chose Deventer as their new place of residence.

    The Palestine pioneers (the Chalutzim) of the Deventer Society (see http://www.dutchjewry.org/drieluik/de_deventer_vereniging/), among them many German refugees, have also been included.

    Rights to the database belong to Amoetat Akevoth (A.R.)-Ramat Gan, Israel and the Etty Hillesum Centrum.