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    Hartog Naftali-Hirsch Levie Cohen to:
    Abigael Peyer Juda Bromet Brommer, daughter of Juda Bromet and Wife of Juda
    1) Michiel Yechiel-Michel Hartog Hirsch Bromet Cohen-Brommer, birth 1702 Amsterdam
    Married 1728 Amsterdam, dtb 716/324; witn.groom: f.Hartog Levie; witn.bride: f.Isaac Simon. to:
    Marianne Isaac, birth 1705 Amsterdam
    2) Jacob Jokeb Hartog Naftali-Hirsch Levie Bromet Cohen-Brommer, birth 1705 Amsterdam, died 16 Jan 1779 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 28 Teveth 5539 - Jokeb ben Hirsch Cohen Brommer.
    Married 1735 Amsterdam, dtb 721/95; witn.groom: m.Sara[?] Juda; witn.bride: m.Judith Elias[?].
    Tnaim acharonim on 28 Nissan 5495; groom: Jacob Jokeb ben hr"r Naftali Hirsch z.l hakohen;
    bride: Rechla bat Benjamin Wolf z.l. from Deitz;
    mother bride: Gittele bat Aron Juda Bromet z.l;
    brothers groom: naaleh khr"r Yechiel Michel & Judaleib hakohen.
    Rachel Rechla Benjamin Wolf Deitz, birth 1711 Amsterdam, died 1766 Amsterdam, Muiderberg emetery: on 15 Ijar 5526 - wife of Jokeb ben Hirsch Cohen [?]., daughter of Benjamin Wolf Deitz and Judith Gitche Juda Bromet
    3) Levie Arieleib Hartog Naftali-Hirsch Bromet Cohen-Brommer, birth 1708 Amsterdam, died Feb 1767 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 28 Shevat 5527 - Levie Hartog Brommer [?]
    Married OKT 1734 Amsterdam, dtb 720/475; witn.groom: m.Abigael Juda; witn.bride: f.Salomon Mozes.
    Tnaim acharonim on 28 Cheshvan 5495;
    groom: bachelor naaleh Arieleib ben hr"r Naftali Hirsch z.l. Brommer Kats;
    bride: Lea bat Yoshua m.h.l. from Tellich;
    2 unnamed brothers of groom attending.
    Lea Salomon Jesaya Yoshua Tellich, birth 1711 Amsterdam, died 1738 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 21 Kislev 5499 - wife of Leib ben Hirsch Cohen., daughter of Salomon Jesaya Yoshua Mozes Tellich and N.N.
    4) Rachel Rechla Hartog Hirsch Bromet Cohen-Brommer, birth 1709 Amsterdam, died 6 Aug 1790 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: Rechla, widow of Ber Levie Mazritsch.
    Married Dec 1731 Amsterdam, dtb 719/8; witn.groom: f.Samuel Barend; witn.bride: m.Bajer Juda..
    Tnaim acharonim on 4 Teveth 5492;
    groom: Yissachar Ber Segal, accompanied by father naaleh torani khr"r Samuel ben hr"r Yissachar Ber z.l. Segal;
    bride: Rechla bat khr"r Naftali Hirts[?] z.l. Cohen, accompanied by mother Peyer bat Juda z.l. Bromet.
    Barend Yissachar-Ber Samuel Mezritsch-Levie, birth 1707 Amsterdam, died 7 Sep 1767 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 13 Elul 5527 - Ber ben Samuel Mezrischt., son of Samuel Barend Yissachar-Ber Mezritsch-Levie and Wife of Samuel
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