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    Levie Abraham Meijer, birth ± 1789 Kampen, died 11 Mar 1859 Kampen, Levie Abraham Meijer, from Kampen, 70 yrs.old, butcher, son of Abraham Levie Meijer & Saartje Levie Polak, spouse of Betje Abraham Cohen.
    Married 26 Jan 1812 Alkmaar, Levi Abraham Meijer, butcher, bachelor, 22 yrs.old, from Kampen, son of Abraham Meijer, butcher & Sara Polak, both residing in Kampen, and
    Betje Abraham Cohen, maiden, 25 yrs.old, born in Amsterdam, residing in Alkmaar, daughter of Abraham Gerrit Cohen, tradesman & Aaltje Levi, residing in Alkmaar, attending and consenting in the marriage; the groom introduced a written consent fro m his parent, issued before the judge of peace in Kampen.
    Betje Abraham Cohen, birth ± 1786 Amsterdam, died 27 Sep 1851 Kampen, daughter of Abraham Gerrit Gershon Cohen-Kloot and Clara Alek Levie Polak
    1) Salomon Meijer, birth ± 1813 Alkmaar, died 10 Jan 1900 Kampen, 86 yrs.old.
    2) Mietjen Meijer, birth 11 Oct 1815 Kampen
    Married 19 Oct 1848 Zwolle, groom is son of David Lutteraan & Lena Joseph. to:
    David Lutteraan, birth 10 Jun 1818 Zwolle
    3) Leentje Meijer, birth 31 Dec 1821 Kampen
    Married 10 Jan 1850 Zwolle, Samson David v.Gelder, born 3 Dec 1819 in Amsterdam, son of David Samson v.Gelder & Saartje Hartog Ries, and
    Leentje Meyer, born 31 Dec 1821 in Kampen, daughter of Levie Abraham Meyer & Betjen Abraham Cohen.
    Samson David v.Gelder, birth 3 Dec 1819 Amsterdam, son of David Samson Shabtay v.Gelder v.d.Kar and Saartje Levie Hartog Ries
    4) Mariana Meijer, birth ± 1825 Kampen, died 6 Jun 1907 Kampen, 82 yrs.old.
    Married 4 Feb 1864 Kampen, groom is son of Annaatje Jacob Krost. to:
    Joseph Krost, birth ± 1833 Amsterdam, son of N.N. and Naatje Hindele Jacob Jokeb Krost
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