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    Jacob Alexander Ziskind Jacobs, birth ± 1767, died 14 Jan 1843 Utrecht, Jacob Alexander Jacobs, 75 yrs.old, spouse of Bet Israels, son of Alexander Jacobs & Klara Salomon v.Kleef., son of Alexander Ziskind Jacob Blokzijl Pos and Klara Salomon v.Kleef
    Married ± 1793 Blokzijl? to:
    Betje Israel Themans, birth ± 1783, died 21 Mar 1825 Blokzijl, Beth Themans,41 yrs.old, spouse of Jacob Alexander Jacobs.
    Notifier: Salomon Brest, 47 yrs.old, butcher [future in-law of the deceased]
    , daughter of Israel Michiel Themans and Helena Salomon
    1) Samuel Jacob Jacobs, birth 16 Sep 1793 Blokzijl, according to the mohel-register of circumciser Leizer ben Kalman = Israel Salomons (Overweg) from Zwartsluis , he was called to Blokzijl om the 2nd ay of the middle days of Sukoth 5554 (24 Sep 1793), to tend to the circumcision of the child of Ja cob ben Ziskind, which was circumcised the day before by mohel Abraham bar Azriel from Zwolle, a circumcision which went wrong quite 'miserably' in his words.
    Married 19 Oct 1826 Hasselt, Samuel Jacob Jacobs, born in Blokzijl on 16 Sep 1793, son of Jacob Alexander Jacobs & Betje Israel, deceased in Blokzijl, and
    Clara Emanuel Tat, born in Amsterdam in 1796, daughter of Emanuel Joseph Tat & Judik Mozes Cohen.
    Clara Emanuel Tat, birth 1796 Amsterdam, daughter of Emanuel Mendele Joseph Juzpe Tat Th"Th and Judith Mozes Cohen
    2) Trijntje Jacobs, birth ± 1799 Blokzijl
    Married 30 Apr 1829 Hasselt, Marcus Salomon Polack, born in Leeuwarden on 27 Jun 1800, druggist, son of Salomon Polack & Riekje Joseph Polack, druggist, and
    Trijntje Jacobs, from Blokzijl, 29 yrs.old, daughter of Jacob Alexander Jacobs & Betje Jacobs[?]
    Marcus Salomon Polack, birth 27 Jun 1800 Leeuwarden, son of Salomon Zalman Salomon Zelkele Polak-Drogist and Rachel Reichele Joseph Polak
    3) Elsje Jacobs, birth Blokzijl
    Married 14 May 1829 Kampen, Meyer Marcus Meyer, born in Amsterdam on 28 Jan 1797, schoolteacher, son of Marcus Meyer & Natje Isac, and
    Elsje Jacobs, from Blokzijl, daughter of Jacob Alexander Jacobs & Betje Israels.
    Meyer Marcus Meyer, birth 28 Jan 1797 Amsterdam, son of Marcus Meyer Polak and Anna Isaac
    4) Henriette Jacob Jacobs, birth ± 1810 Blokzijl
    Married 26 Aug 1838 Hoorn, Sander Mozes Handelaar, from Hoorn, 35 yrs.old, tradesman, son of Mozes Izak Handelaar & Stijntje Marcus v.Host, and
    Henriette Jacob Jacobs, from Blokzijl, 28 yrs.old, daughter of Jacob Alexander Jacobs & Betje Israel Themans.
    Sander Mozes Handelaar, birth ± 1803 Hoorn, son of Mozes Isaac Handelaar and Heintje Marcus v.Host
    5) Salomon Jacob Jacobs, birth ± 1819 Blokzijl, died 13 Jun 1897 Blokzijl, Salomon Jacobs, from Blokzijl, 78 yrs.old, tradesman, son of Jacob Alexander Jacobs & Betje Themans, spouse of Vrouwtje Brest.
    Married 8 Nov 1862 Blokzijl, Salomon Jacobs, from Blokzijl, 43 yrs.old, tradesman. son of Jacob Alexander Jacobs & Beth Israel Themans, and
    Vrouwtje Brest, from Blokzijl, 24 yrs.old, daughter of Salomon Brest & Klara Levie.
    Vrouwtje Brest, birth ± 1838 Blokzijl, daughter of Salomon Brest and Klaartje Levie
    6) Alexandrina Jacobs, birth ± 1822 Blokzijl
    Married 18 Apr 1849 Blokzijl, Jesajas Mozes de Vries, from Kuinre, 30 yrs.old, messenger, son of Mozes Jesajas de Vries & Judit Mozes, and
    Alexandrina Jacobs, from Blokzijl, 26 yrs.old, daughter of Jacob Alexander Jacobs & Betje Israels.
    Jesajas Mozes de Vries, birth ± 1818 Kuinre
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