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    Abraham Isaac v.Ments, died before 1856
    Married ± 1801 to:
    Hester Levie Brandes, birth ± 1770 Harderwijk, died 18 Sep 1856 Harderwijk, Hester Levie Brandes, 86 yrs.old, born in Harderwijk, daughter of Simon Levie Brandes & Sientje v.Gelder, widow of Abraham v.Ments., daughter of Simon Simcha Samuel Levie-Brandes and Sientje Sjeine Jonas v.Gelder
    1) Aaltje Abraham v.Ments, birth ± 1801 Harderwijk, died 31 May 1869 Harderwijk, Aaltje Abraham v.Ments, daughter of Abraham Isaac v.Ments & Ester Simon Levie Brandes, spouse of Abraham v.Mens.
    buried at Jewish cemetery of Harderwijk.
    2) Simon Simcha Abraham v.Ments, birth ± 1802 Harderwijk
    Married 3 Jun 1829 Harderwijk, Simon Abraham v.Ments, 26 yrs.old, from Harderwijk, son of Abraham v.Ments & Ester Brandeis, and
    Johanna Hartog v.d.Beek, 33 yrs.old, from Nijkerk, daughter of Hartog Mozes & Bettje Samuels.
    Johanna Hartog v.d.Beek, birth ± 1795 Nijkerk, daughter of Hartog v.d.Beek and Betje Samuel Cohen
    3) Sientje Abraham v.Ments, birth ± 1807 Harderwijk
    Married 26 Mar 1835 Harderwijk, Hartog Monnikendam, 32 yrs.old, from Amersfoort, son of Juda Monnikendam & Schoontje Emanuel, and
    sientje v.Mentz, 27 yrs.old, from Harderwijk, daughter of Abraham Izak v.Mentz & Ester Simon Levie Brandes.
    Hartog Juda Monnikendam, birth 2 Jan 1803 Amersfoort, circumcision on 9 Jan 1803 in Amersfoort by mohel v.Gelder., died 16 Mar 1882 Harderwijk, 77 yrs.old., son of Juda Hartog Monnikendam and Schoontje Emanuel Menk
    4) Hendrika Rebecca Fraadche Abraham v.Ments, birth 1808 Harderwijk, died 18 Apr 1892 Harderwijk, Rebecca v.Ments, spouse of Ephraim Joseph v.d.Hoeden, widow of Mordechai v.d.Beek, daughter of Abraham v.Ments & Esther Brandes.

    Buried at Jewish cemetery of Nijkerkerveen: Fraadche, daughter of Abraham v.Ments, widow of Mordechai v.Beek.

    Married 6 Feb 1829 Harderwijk, Mordechai Hartog v.d.Beek, 30 yrs.old, from Nijkerk, son of Hartog Mozes & Betje Samuels, and
    Hendrika v.Ments, 23 yrs.old, from Harderwijk, daughter of Abraham Izak v.Ments & Hester Simon Levie Brandes.
    Mordechai Hartog Naftali v.d.Beek, birth ± 1798 Nijkerk, died 20 Sep 1863 Nijkerk, buried at Jewish cemetery of Nijkerkerveen: Abraham-Mordechai son of Naftali v.d.Beek.

    civil registration at Nijkerk:
    Mordechai v.d.Beek, 64 yrs.old, son of Hartog v.d.Beek & Betje Cohen, spouse of Rebecca v.Ments.
    , son of Hartog v.d.Beek and Betje Samuel Cohen
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