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    Arie Leib Hartog Levie-de Leeuw, birth 1758 Hilversum, died 29 Dec 1839 's Graveland
    Married 21 Nov 1802 The Hague, info courtesy of Reinier & Dirkje Bobbe, and Tjeerd v.Albada.
    groom from Hilversum; parents groom: Hartog Michielse Levie & Vrouwtje Hartog.
    bride from Meppel; parents bride: Elias Samson [Godfried], butcher & Eva Wolf Cohen.
    Sara Elias Godfried, birth 10 Aug 1775 Meppel, died 31 Aug 1838 's Graveland, daughter of Elias Samson Godfried and Eva Jochebed Wolf Cohen
    1) Kaatje Arie de Leeuw, birth 20 Oct 1805 Vreeland, died 21 Nov 1877 Meppel
    Married 22 Jun 1831 Meppel, Dispensation from the authorities for this marriage was asked and given by Royal Decree - 'We, William by the Grace of G"D etc - , as is concerns a wed of uncle and niece.
    (info courtesy Tjeerd v.Albada, The Netherlands)
    excerpt of document adjoined to marriage papers:
    'today the thirtyist of July of the year 1829 appeared before me, mr. Gerhardus Lambertus Kniphorst, public notary, residing in Meppel, province of Drenthe, at my office and at the presence of witnesses, the gents Cosman Eleazer Keijzer, business man, 78 yrs.old, Manus Eleazer Keijzer, 81 yrs.old, Hartog Coppel, businessman, 52 yrs.old and Mozes Philip Polak, butcher, 42 yrs.old, and these appearants being known to me, the notary as trusted inhabitants, and they declared with their honou r and conscience, that they well know
    Samson Elias Godfried, butcher in Meppel and Saartje Elias Godfried, married to Arie de Leeuw, butcher in 's Graveland, and that they are well aware that these Samson Elias Godfried and Saartje Elias Godfried are halfbrother and sister, as Samso n Elias Godfried being a son of the late Elias Samson Godfried, butcher in Meppel and deceased there and of Marchien Davids, still living, and residing in Meppel, while Saartje Elias Godfried is a child from the wed of the same Elias Samson Godfri ed with his first spouse, Eva Wolf Cohen. And furthermore, that from the marriage of Saartje Elias Godfried with Arie de Leeuw besides several children, here is in presence a daughter, with name Kaatje de Leeuw. etc'
    [from all papers it becomes clear, that the procedure of obtaining an agreement to this marriage took more than 3 yrs. The act of notoriety of Kaatje, wherein she is called future bride of Samson Elias, dates from 20 Feb 1828]
    [notary Kniphorst seems to play an important part in the fixing of this marriage. As burgomaster of Meppel, he is the one who officiates the marriage as 'officer of the civil status'. He may as well have been the official who advised in favou r of this marriage]
    Samson Elias Godfried, birth 8 Aug 1802 Meppel, died 8 Apr 1864 Meppel, son of Elias Samson Godfried and Marchien Mata Davids
    2) Eva de Leeuw, birth 's-Graveland
    Married 18 Aug 1842 's-Graveland, Hijman Isaacszoon de Leeuw, from Hilversum, son of Isaac de Leeuw & Judith v.Minden, and
    Eva de Leeuw, from 's-Graveland, daughter of Arie de Leeuw & Sara Elias Godfried.
    Hijman Isaacszoon de Leeuw, birth Hilversum, son of Ijzak de Leeuw and Judith v.Minden
    3) Hartog de Leeuw, birth ± 1809 's-Graveland
    Married 19 Jan 1848 's-Graveland, Hartog de Leeuw, from 's-Graveland, 38 yrs.old, son of Arie de Leeuw & Sara Godfried, and
    Leijsje Elburg, from Hilversum, 22 yrs.old, daughter of Jacob Elburg & Anna v.Tijn.
    Leijsje Elburg, birth ± 1825 Hilversum
    4) Elias Leizer de Leeuw, birth ± 1811 's-Graveland
    Married 24 Apr 1850 's-Graveland, Elias de Leeuw, from 's-Graveland, 38 yrs.old, son of Aron Hartog Levie (later: de Leeuw) & saartje Elias (later: Godfried), and
    Esther Schaap, from Hilversum, 35 yrs.old, daughter of Hartog Hijmans Schaap & Sara Swelheim.
    Esther Schaap, birth ± 1814 Hilversum, died 14 Jul 1892 Oegstgeest, Ester Schaap, 77 yrs.old, daughter of Hartog Hijman Schaap & Sara Soelhaus[?], widow of Elias de Leeuw.

    buried at Jewish cemetery of Leiden - tombstone 082: Ester bat Naftali, spouse of Eliahu ben Juda halve de Vries.
    5) Abraham de Leeuw, birth ± 1815, died 22 Sep 1849 Kortenhoef, Abraham Arie de Leeuw, 34 yrs.old, son of Arie Hartog de Leeuw & Sara Elias Godfried, spouse of Cato de Lion.
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