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    Andries Anshil Meyer Levie
    Married ± 1760 to:
    Anna Channa Gabriel Premseler, birth ± 1734 Amsterdam, daughter of Gabriel Mozes Premseler and Schoontje Sjeinche Jonas Jehonatan v.Emden
    1) Gabriel Andries Levie, birth 1760 Leeuwarden, died 17 Apr 1836 Leeuwarden, info Chaim Caran.
    Married 1788 Amsterdam, dtb 757/208; witn.groom: f.Andries Meyer Levie; witn.bride: m.Bele Liepman. to:
    Martha Mata Philip Peis Broekhuijsen, birth ± 1759 Amsterdam, died 25 Jan 1850 Leeuwarden, 91 yrs.old.
    (info Chaim Caran)
    , daughter of Philip Chaim-Feibush Mozes Broekhuizen-Levie and Bele Blim Levie Liepman Zerendorf
    2) Clara Andries Levie, birth 1764 Leeuwarden, died 8 Mar 1835 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:

    laartje Andries Levie, 79 yrs.old, widow of Abraham Gerr [= proselyte]
    info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

    Married 1799 Amsterdam, dtb 645/58; groom widower of Rebecca Samuel; witn.bride: f.Andries Meyer Levie to:
    Abraham Joseph Snijder, birth ± 1745 Potsdam, died 1 Dec 1823 Amsterdam, G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
    Abraham Joseph Snijder, 78 yrs.old, born in Manheim, spouse of Klara Andries.
    Notifier: Jacob Hamburg, 35 yrs.old, br.-in-law.
    (info courtesy of Dini Hansma)
    3) Martinus Mattitja Andries Anshil Levie, birth 1774 Leeuwarden, died 22 Apr 1821 Leeuwarden, info Chaim Caran.
    Married 1802 Amsterdam, dtb 649/207; witn.groom: Duifje Salomon; parents bride: Hartog Alexander, deceased & Duifje Salomon.
    on 18 Jun 1802 - marriage in Leeuwarden (info Chaim Caran)
    Hendele Hartog Hirsch Verdoner, birth 1780 Amsterdam, died 26 Nov 1811 Leeuwarden, info Chaim Caran, daughter of Hartog Hirsch Alexander Ziskind Verdoner and Duifje Teiche Salomon Zalman Azijnman
    4) Meyer Andries Meijers-Levie, birth 1780 Amsterdam?, died 12 Sep 1827 Leeuwarden, 47 yrs.old
    (info Chaim Caran)

    Married 9 Nov 1817 Leeuwarden, (info Chaim Caran) to:
    Claartje Geltje Elias Elimelech v.Vliet-Cohen, birth ± 1796 Amsterdam, died 16 Apr 1852 Leeuwarden, 54 yrs.old.
    (info Chaim Caran)
    1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Elias Elimelech Salomon Kalman v.Vliet-Cohen and Mietje Minki Zacharias Zerach Delde
    5) Naatje Jent Andries Anshil Meijer-Levie, birth 1780 Leeuwarden, died 1855 Amsterdam, 'Naatje/Jent Andries/Anshil Meijer, wife of Jacob ben Aron Hamburger/H"B'
    Married 1810 Amsterdam, dtb 659/59; parents groom: Arend Hamburg & Sara Meyer[?]; witn.bride: f.Andries Meyer Levie. to:
    Jacob Arend Hamburg, birth 1784 Amsterdam, son of Aron Jacob Hamburger and Sara Vogel Annaatje Levie Schaap
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