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    Family page
    Marcus Meyer Barend Baruch Kuitje, birth 1697 Rotterdam, died between 1751 and 1765
    Married 1 Dec 1718 Amsterdam_Rotterdam, dtb 711/289; witn.groom: f.Barend Salomon; witn.bride: f.Benjamin Jacob. to:
    Judith Jeras Benjamin Gans-halevi, birth 1696 Amsterdam, daughter of Benjamin Jacob de Jong Gans-halevi and Sara Salomon Klonimus-Kalman Haas
    1) Salomon Zalman Marcus Meyer Kuitje, birth 1720 Amsterdam, died 1756 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 7 Aw 5516 - Zalman ben Meyer.
    Married 1745 Amsterdam, dtb 727/400; witn.groom: f.Marcus Barend; witn.bride: f.Eliaser Abraham. to:
    Bele Bo(n)ele Eliaser Leizer, birth 1721 Amsterdam, died 1780 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 12 Teveth 5540 - wife of Joseph ben Anshil, grandson of Gutkind. 1st marriage 2nd marriage
    2) Rachel Marcus Meyer, birth 1721 Amsterdam, died 9 Oct 1752 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 1 Cheshvan 5513 - wife of Koppel, son-in-law of [Meyer ben?] Baruch.
    Married 1746 Amsterdam, dtb 728/282; witn.groom: m.Rachel Zadok; witn.bride: f.Marcus Barend. to:
    Jacob Koppel Nochem, birth 1719 Pekela, died 1762 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 7 Tammuz 5522 - Koppel ben Nachum., son of Nochem Daniel Jacobs and Rachel Zadok
    3) Jacob Jokeb Marcus Meyer Kuitje, birth 1722 Amsterdam, died 1761 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 3 Adar II 5521 - Jacob ben Meyer Kuitje.
    Married 1752 Amsterdam, dtb 732/118; witn.groom: f.Marcus Barend; witn.bride: m.Brendele Benjamin. to:
    Branca Brein Benjamin Wolf Charlevil, birth 1725 Amsterdam 1st marriage 2nd marriage
    4) Kalman Marcus Meyer Kuitje, birth 1728 Amsterdam, died 2 Nov 1809 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: Kalman ben Meyer Kotje.
    Married 1766 Amsterdam, dtb 741/440; witn.groom: Isaac v.Gelder; bride widow of Soesman Jacob.
    Tnaim acharonim in act 5526/56 on 4 Adar 5525;
    groom: Kalman ben Meyer;
    bride: the widow Mink bat Simon z.l, accompanied by mother Sara bat late pu khr"r Anshil z.l, who donates fl. 900,- to the dowry;
    brothers groom: Simon, Baruch, Nathan & Itsak.
    Mietje Minkje Simon Waag, birth 1734 Amsterdam, died 17 Nov 1809 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: widow of Kalman ben Meyer Kotje. 1st marriage 2nd marriage, daughter of Simon Isaac Eizik Waag and Sara Andries Anshil Meyer Gendringen

    Family page
    Marcus Meyer Barend Baruch Kuitje
    Married ± 1740 to:
    Vrouwtje Simon, died 1780 Amsterdam, Zeeburg cemetery: on 27 Sivan 5540 - wife of Meyer Benedictus[=? Baruch].
    1) Simon Marcus Meyer Kuit(je), birth 1740 Amsterdam, died 20 Nov 1801 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: Simon ben Meyer Lubliner-Kuitche.
    Married 1763 Amsterdam, dtb 739/452; witn.groom: m.Vrouwtje Simon; witn.bride: f.Isaac Salomon. to:
    Schoontje Sjeine Isaac Itsak Salomon, birth 1737 Amsterdam, died 25 Jan 1801 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: wife of Simon ben Meyer Lubliner-Kuitche.
    2) Bele Marcus Kuijt, birth 1745 Amsterdam, died 4 May 1824 Leiden, deceased in Leiden on 4 May 1824: Belerje Kuijt, born in Amsterdam, 82 yrs.old, widow of Aron Philip v.Praag, daughter of Meyer Nathan[?] Kuijt & Katje[?] Simons, both deceased.
    Notifier: Abraham Nathan Kuijt, 27 yrs.old, [nephew]

    Buried at Jewish cemetery of Leiden - tombstone 086: Beile, spouse of Aron ben Feibel Segal

    Married 1770 Amsterdam_Leiden, dtb 745/503; witn.groom: f.Philip v.Praag; witn.bride: m.Vrouwtje Marcus.

    on 2 Nov 1770 in Leiden: Aron Philippus v.Praag, shopkeeper from Leiden and Beletje Meyer, maiden from Amsterdam.
    Aron Philip Feibel v.Praag Levie, birth 1744 Leiden, son of Philip Feibel Aron v.Praag Levie and Terzchi Mozes Moshe-Shabtay
    3) Barend Benedictus Baruch Marcus Meyer Kuit(je), birth 1747 Amsterdam, died 22 Sep 1822 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: on 9 Tishre 1822 [24 Sep 1822] - Barend/Baruch Marcus/Meyer Kuijt.

    G.A.A. Amsterdam - death registrations:
    on 22 Sep 1822 - Barend Marcus Kuijt, 78 yrs.old, spouse of Vrouwtje Salomon Proops.
    Notifier: Barend Meyer Kuijt, 24 yrs.old, grandson.
    (info courtesy of Dini Hansma)

    Married 1770 Amsterdam, dtb 745/432; witn.groom: m.Vrouwtje Simon; witn.bride: f.Salomon Isaac. to:
    Judith Jettele Salomon Zelig Metz, birth 1742 Amsterdam, died 31 Jul 1801 Amsterdam, Muiderberg cemetery: wife of Baruch ben Meyer Lubliner-Kuitje, daughter of Salomon Zelig Isaac Eizik Metz and Perle Hijman chaim
    4) Nathan Neta Marcus Meyer Kuit, birth 1749 Amsterdam, died 29 Oct 1826 Leiden, Nathan Kuijt, over 80 yrs.old, seller of lottery, widower of Sientje Abraham, son of Marcus Kuijt & Kaatje v.Witzen[?].
    Married 1782 Amsterdam, dtb 753/129; witn.groom: Barend Marcus; witn.bride: f.Abraham Michiel. to:
    Sientje Schoontje Sjeine Abraham Aberle, birth 1754 Amsterdam, died 21 Oct 1826 Leiden, Sientje Abrahams, 77 yrs.old, born in Leijden[?], spouse of Nathan Marcus Kuijt, daughter of Abraham Magiel & Leentje Jacobs[?], both deceased, at the St.Jorissteeg, quarter 3, nr. 628.

    buried at the Jewish cemetery of Leiden - tombstone 085: Sjeine bat Abraham, spouse of Nathan Kuijt z.l.
    , daughter of Abraham Aberle Michiel Yechiel-Michel Shochet and Lea Isaac
    5) Isaac Itsak Marcus Meyer Kuitje, birth 1754 Amsterdam, 'Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten':
    on 17 Adar 5514 - circumcision of Isaac Itsak ben Meyer Koitje.

    Married 1780 Amsterdam, dtb 751/536; witn.groom: brother Kalman Marcus; witn.bride: m.Bele Hartog. to:
    Rachel Israel Azriel David Nerden, birth 1756 Amsterdam, died 28 Mar 1818 Amsterdam, 69 yrs.& 5 months old[?], daughter of Israel David & Belia Jacobs[?], widow of Izaak Marcus Kuit., daughter of Israel Azriel David Nerden and Bele Hartog
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