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  • HuMo-gen HTML - Family Trees from V to Z.

    Rules of conduct for the submission of family trees:

    1. A family tree submitted, must allow full use of its material , for non-commercial purposes, free of charge, without restrictions or copyright limitations.
    From now on, we shall have to refuse the submission of a tree, or we shall delete an existing tree, respectively, if the submitter does not agree to this free exchange of information for the benefit of the non-commercial genealogical community.

    2. If material to be found in the tree was copied or received from others, full references and detailed sources must be added to it. If we receive a complaint of what is considered as unethical conduct of this kind, and the complaint is found justified, the tree will be taken off the website. Of course the submitter of the family tree so affected can protest and we shall try to get things straightened out and settled in a friendly manner among the parties, so as to enable to reinstall the family tree.

    Note: Names with Dutch prefixes such as van, ter and van der are alphabetized according to these prefixes. For example, van Gelder is indexed under V and not G, ter Beek under T and not B.

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    Van Ameringen

    Van Berg (also Van der Klei), Winsum, Gorredijk, Groningen.

    Van Biene/Van Bienen

    Van Beugen/Bego, Den Haag.

    Van Buren

    Van Cleeff, Rotterdam, Den Haag.
    Van Coevorden, Amsterdam, Groningen.

    Van Collem, (also Zilversmit and Bloemgarten).
    Van Creveld/Van Kreveld, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Hoorn, Rotterdam, Utrecht.

    Van der Klei (also Van Berg), Appingedam, Amsterdam.

    Van der Sluis

    Van der Stam, Rotterdam.
    Van der Velde, Amsterdam, Medemblik, Wijhe, Deventer, Appingedam.

    Van Dijk, Rotterdam.

    Van Engel, Goor.
    Van Gelder, Groningen, Achterhoek, Aalten, Amsterdam, Zutphen.
    Van Geuns (Sijmon Benjamin), Delfzijl, Warffum, Leens, Meppel, Eenrum, Groningen, Appingedam.

    Van Goch, Nijmegen, Dordrecht, Rotterdam.
    Van Kreveld (also Van Creveld), Den Haag, Amsterdam, Hoorn, Rotterdam, Utrecht.

    Van Maarssen, Amsterdam.
    Van Os

    Van Oss

    Van Ploeg, Rotterdam, Amsterdam.
    Van Praag
    Van Praag (Rabbie)

    Van Raalte

    Van Rhijn, Gorredijk, Leeuwarden, Opsterland.

    Van Sister(en)

    Van Tijn
    Van Trommel, Rotterdam.
    Van Vlijmen, Den Bosch.

    Van Vollenhoven

    Van Zanten/Brounsberg, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Amsterdam.

    Vaz Dias


    Velleman, Rotterdam, Amsterdam.

    Verdoner (also Haringman, Haring, Waas, Slap, Furth, Kroonenberg).
    Verdooner/Verdoner/Warradijn en Warradein – mainly from Amsterdam.
    Vischschraper (also Nebbig), Amsterdam.
    Visser (also Souget, Swaab and Hirsch), Amsterdam, Deventer.
    Vomberg, Dalfsen, Deventer, Zutphen, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Almelo.



    Waas (also Haringman, Haring, Kroonenberg, Slap, Furth, Verdoner).
    Wans, Amsterdam.

    Weijel/Weijl/Wyhl, Brummen, Steenderen, Zutphen, Amsterdam.
    Weiler/Weyler/Wijler, Lochem, Winterswijk, Borculo.

    Winkel, Den Haag, Amsterdam.

    Wolf, Nijmegen.
    Wolf, Noordbroek, Zuidbroek (also Leefsma, Nieweg and Bamberger).
    Wijnbergen, Amsterdam.
    Wijsenbeek/Wijzenbeek limited to Culemborg.




    Zeldenrust, Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Den Bosch, Antwerpen.

    Zilversmit (also Bloemgarten and Van Collem).
    Zuidema, Wildervank, Slochteren, Beilen, Assen.
    Zwarenstein/Laufer, Strijen Rotterdam.